Jillian travels internationally with over two hundred concert appearances a year and many other speaking engagements sharing a message of hope for today’s generation. Jillian was abandoned on the streets of Los Angeles at the age of two with nothing more than a cardboard suitcase tied with a rope. Over the next eight years she would shuffle through twelve foster homes experiencing physical abuse, sexual molestation, and emotional abuse. Each move brought the pain of rejection and the feeling that there was no one who cared.

Eventually Jillian was adopted into a loving home. Now very scared, confused, and with a lack of identity she began to make her way in this world. Jillian pursued a career in modeling and the entertainment industry. Her journey landed her success as the model that launched Giorgio Perfume in Beverly Hills. She continued on as a model, actress and recording artist. She was offered the role of Ezmerelda in the Broadway production of “The Hunchback Of Notre Dame.” She has worked with some of the top Grammy Award winning producers and songwriters in the recording industry. Jillian has written a musical stage production titled “Somebody, Love Me”. Jillian casts and trains local actors from the cities venue and delivers a powerful broadway style musical drama with spectacular set design and costumes that brings life changing results. She has worked extensively with her producer Jim Peterik who is responsible for the song Eye Of The Tiger from the movie Rocky that won multiple grammys. The group, Boyz To Men as well as Kevin Savigar, who co-writes and produces music for Rod Stewart has also been involved in the creative process of the musical as well. Her book by the same title has been published by Baker Books. Jillian has also worked and recorded with Brad Buxer, Michael Jackson’s producer, Survivor, Larry Bastain (writer of many Garth Brooks hits), Eric Young (writer on the movie Free Willy), and many more.

In the School Assemblies Jillian shares her story of abandonment and her journey of abuse and overcoming it all. She shares with the students the importance of self-esteem, learning how to forgive and how to let go of pain. She will also share the importance of dreams and striving to set goals in our lives. She emphasizes that each student has an important purpose and destiny.
The assembly closes with an open forum in which students can ask questions. This interaction is highly effective and impacting upon the lives of the students.
Jillian is the founding director of the Scottsdale Conservatory of the Performing Arts