Honesty. It’s tough, it’s bold, it’s confident… it doesn’t pull any punches. This is Jillian, this is what Jillian is all about, what she’s lived – what she’s been through. This is what she testifies to. Abandoned by her parents on the streets of Los Angeles at the age of two with nothing more than a cardboard suitcase tied with a rope, Jillian was left all alone.

Over the next eight years she would carry that suitcase in and out of twelve different foster homes. Contrary to most foster children, Jillian did not find the love and support a hurting child needs. In many of the homes she was physically abused, and in nearly all there was the emotional abuse. Each move brought the pain of rejection and feeling that there was no one who cared. But eventually Jillian would find a loving home. 

She was adopted into the family of a Baptist preacher who worked with the Billy Graham crusades and a director for World Vision. He taught her about Jesus and His love. After finally finding the “forever home” that she’d always dreamed of, young Jillian was still very scarred from the years of abuse. This confusion and lack of identity followed Jillian into college and into her relationships. Jillian says, “I began to realize that the love and acceptance I so desperately needed would have to come from the Lord.”

With that realization, Jillian began the long process of healing and deliverance. Over the next few years as Jillian worked through the many tangled tragedies of her life she began to grow in her faith and relationship with God. He began to give her a passion for the people who experienced similar scarring circumstances. This eventually led to the creation of Jillian Ministries, which is devoted entirely to helping hurting people to forgive, be forgiven, find hope and find the true love they need through Jesus Christ. 

Spreading that message of hope is just what Jillian has set out to do. With over 200 concert appearances each year including the powerful musical production “Somebody Love Me”, women’s conferences, youth rally’s, a book about her life and how God has healed her, seminars, and dramatic productions she keeps herself very busy carrying out her call.

The intensity of the music along with the vitality of Jillian’s witness form a powerful tool which the Lord is using to change lives. It’s the power of God that has brought Jillian forgiveness, deliverance and hope – the same power of God which permeates her message, her music, and her ministry today. She has been blessed with a heart for the hurting. Truly God is using this remarkable woman as a vehicle for His hope, His peace, and salvation through His Son.